Modern Art on the Water

It was midnight and we were quietly sipping daiquiris in an outdoor bar in Spetses when we received the message…you have to come and look at this boat.

Leaving our drinks on the table under the watchful eye of the owner we raced around the corner to be greeted by the sight of an unbelievable boat.


Jeff Koons designed boat Guilty

It was a boat like no other. The small quay in Spetses was full of mega yachts….some tasteful some not but there was no other boat like this one!

The exterior looked to me like a Lichenstein painting! I was close! It was actually the work of American artist Jeff Koons.


Jeff Koons designed boat Guilty


The 115 feet boat, with the name of Guilty, belongs to Greek Cypriot industrialist and art collector Dakis Joannou.

He commissioned Jeff Koons and Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to design him a mega yacht and this is the result.

I later read that Koons had been inspired by British naval camouflage from World war 1 when designing the multi coloured exterior. The large windows allow the light into the all white interior. Upstairs we could see a huge pink neon sign with the word ‘feelings’.

Modern art on the water….

Definitely one of the more unusual boats I have seen.


What are your thoughts….love it or not!


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Spetses: My Introduction to the Greek Islands

Spetses: My Introduction to the Greek Islands

Spetses was our first introduction to the Greek Islands….and what an introduction it was!

Though it did not completely conform to the images I had of these islands….there were not many square white houses, but blue doors covered with rambling pink bougainvillea reminded me I was in the Greek islands.

We hired quad bikes and explored the island finding beaches to return to day after day, we cruised around the island with Blue…a local boat owner who took us to isolated bays. We sat in beachside cafes feasting on fresh fish and local delicacies and at night when the town sprung to life, we joined everyone at the waterside restaurants. Lazy days…relaxing with friends….the perfect start to our Greek island holiday!


Spetses doorway

Blue doors and bougainvillea…


Spetses street

A street in Spetses


Old shop signs in Spetses

Old shop signs in Spetses


Old waterfront house in Spetses

I’d love this old house right on the waterfront with its faded facade!


A greek church  Spetses

A greek church…..for me one of the iconic photos of Greece!


The old boat harbour in Spetses

The old boat harbour


Blue...our boatman and guide for a day around the island

Blue…our boatman and guide for a day around the island


Relaxing in the shade of a church

Churches can always be found in the best position!


Beautiful clear water in Spetses

The water really was this colour!


Xylokeriza Beach, Spetses

One of our favourite beaches…Xylokeriza Beach


Kaiki Beach, Spetses

Kaiki Beach


Paradise Beach Club, Spetses

The beach club at Paradise Beach


The food was wonderful…I had my first authentic Greek salad in Spetses

Greek Salad

Greek Salad


…and ate delicious food.

Feta filled aubergine rolls with tomato and cheese

Feta filled aubergine rolls with tomato and cheese


Rice filled tomatoes at Paradise Beach

Delicious rice filled tomatoes


I also became addicted to orange cake!

Orange cake in Spetses

Orange cake


Spetses is a favourite island for Athenians as it is close to the mainland.  It only takes 2 hours to drive to Kosta on the mainland from where you take a taxi boat to Spetses. This is one way you could get there but for us it was a 2.5 hour ferry ride on the Flying sardine can Dolphin from Piraeus!

We loved Spetses. You will too if you want to escape mass tourism, love heading to the beach each day and do not need a raucous night life to keep you entertained!

Don’t forget to follow our Greek adventures on Instagram and Facebook.


Have you been to Spetses? What did you love about your time here?


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Sunday Snap: Santorini

Sunday Snap: Santorini

There are a few iconic photos that immediately scream Greece to me.

White washed churches with their blue domes…..
Pink or red bougainvillea climbing over the white washed homes with blue painted window frames and doors…….
Octopus hanging to dry in the sun…..

This was a picture I wanted to capture and luckily for me, a visit to the old port of Santorini saw my mission accomplished!


Octopus drying in Santorini


These octopuses were were hanging outside a restaurant. The restaurant owner had obviously realised the value of the publicity they would garner as he had put the name of his restaurant in the centre of the line…smart thinking!

Leaving the octopus to dry for a day in the sun is the best way to tenderise them. They are then ready to be grilled over hot coals.

Simple and oh, so delicious!


Do you like to eat octopus? How do you like them cooked?


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Split’s Open Air Market

Split’s Open Air Market

A quick stop in Split on our way to catch the ferry gave us the chance to wander around the city’s open air market, Split Pazar. Covered by a canopy of trees, the Green Market it is one of the prettiest markets I have seen.

To savour the full array of produce you should go early in the morning, not closer to closing time as we did. However there was still a good selection available and I was able to pick up some fresh figs for the ferry trip.

The market also has a large selection of flowers and the women are only too happy to arrange a mixed bunch for you,

But it is the fresh produce that I love to see. The dappled light plays games on the seasonal fruit and vegetables. If it  is in season you will find it here. Check out the prices as you wander through the market as they can be a bit high. Buy some local cheese…the best is Paski Sir from the island of Rab and some Croatian proscuitto which is called prsut.


Split Open Air Market


I’m not sure I would know how to tackle these carob pods but after tasting the country’s famous carob cake, I would like to learn!


Carob pods at the Split Market



Agave, beans or lemons or even some home made olive oil….the market sells what ever is in season


Split Market


The market can be found on the eastern side of the Diocletian’s Palace just near the ferry terminal.

You can’t miss it…just look for the trees!


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Summer in London

It’s been a while since I’ve spent time in London in summer. When the sun’s shining London puts on a whole new face.

The first thing I noticed were the flowers…petunias everywhere including the lamp posts. It’s bright, cheerful and welcoming…what a shame we are only staying a few days this time!




London Terrace houses

Pretty flower boxes



Come in!



No flowers but one of my favourite houses!


Kings road

Kings Road

Summer flowers in London

Summer flowers


English Pub

The English pubs are looking better than ever!


What’s your favourite time of the year in London?  


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