You’re probably all wondering what’s happened to A Taste of Travel in recent months.

The blog posts are getting further and further apart but don’t worry, I’m still here!
Actually I’m not here, I’m away!

Yes, we’re off travelling again!

After our eighteen months overseas travel in 2013 and 2014, we stayed home in Australia in 2015. But the wanderlust never diminished and I doubt it ever will.  We’re now back on the road for four months in Europe.

The easy decision was to go. The hard part was working out where to go. Did we want to return to places that we had so loved in the past, explore new cities and countries, or indeed a combination of both. Eventually it was the combination that won out.

With commitments in London in early and late August, our dilemma was where to go in mid August that was not too oppressively hot or ridiculously busy. Ireland loomed as the country of choice.

2016: A Taste of Travel Returns to Europe
The Dingle Peninsual

With only two weeks to see the country it was never going to be long enough. Our idea was to hire a car and plan a whistle stop tour taking in the best of the scenery and of course making sure that the places on route have some great restaurants. Our plan was to fly into Dublin for a few days and we then take the train to Belfast. From here we’d pick up the car and head off to Portrush, Westpoint, Dingle, Kenmare, Kinsale and then back to Dublin for the flight back to the UK. We’ve just finished this part of the trip and it was quick but it is very do-able. Ireland is beautiful and I’ll be suggesting ways to improve our itinerary in a later post.

2016: A Taste of Travel Returns to Europe

After some time with friends in England, we’ll be ready to return to the Greek Islands. This year we’re off to Paros, Koufonissi and Mykonos for three weeks. Of course we’re looking forward to some wonderful weather, great food and lazy days.

One of our greatest loves is Italy and it’s been some years since we spent time in the major cities, so the next four to five weeks will see us work our way up through the country visiting Naples, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and then visiting Rome, Florence and Milan. With time permitting we’d also like to get to Bologna and Verona but we know the pitfalls of moving too quickly and will be looking forward to some slow travel here.

2016: A Taste of Travel Returns to Europe
I can’t wait to see the Trevi Fountain again since it has been cleaned.

The new countries then start to come into play.

It’s off to Portugal for 3 weeks, flying into Porto for a few days and making our leisurely way down to Lisbon via the Douro Valley. We’ve been looking forward to going to Portugal for a while now so its great to be visiting.

From there, it’s back to London for a conference and then we’re considering a quick visit to Jordan

2016: A Taste of Travel Returns to Europe
The Treasury in Petra by candlelight

At the time of writing we’re fairly well advanced on booking the trip through as far as as Portugal, but from there on we’ll be putting in some last minute work in organising the finer details as we go. Fortunately we have a pretty good idea as to where in each country we wish to go, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

I love being away so writing blog posts is often a problem but you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. I’m loving the new Instagram Stories and am continuously updating our travels here.

Please come and join us.

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