In a previous post I introduced you to Vis: The Best island in Croatia. Vis may be the most distant of the Croatian Islands but it is definitely worth the two hour travelling time to get there. It’s a perfect island escape for lazy days on the beach but if you’re looking for things to do, here are our suggestions for nine things to do on Vis.

What to do on Vis

Visit a new beach each day

Vis is the island of beautiful beaches. There are more than enough beaches to keep you busy every day of your stay and even if you’re lucky enough to stay a month, you won’t tire of going back for another visit.
The best way to see many of these beaches is to hire a car, a scooter or a boat for a day or two.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
See Four of the best beaches on Vis here.



Hire a car or scooter and explore the island

Whether you’re staying in Vis or Komiza there’s a lot more of the island to see than these two towns.  As well as exploring the beaches, the centre of the island is a patchwork of vineyards and olive groves. Combine both as you wind your way between the small inland villages, detour to a beach and then continue on exploring…
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

Hire a boat

With its many coves and secluded bays, Vis is the perfect place to hire a boat and explore all its nooks and crannies. Explore the beaches along the southern side of the island or head to Komiza and the Blue Cave at Bisevo Island. Circumvent the island by heading home along the northern coast!
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
Don’t forget to take your skippers ticket with you. You will not be able to hire a boat without your licence to drive a boat. If you don’t have one, hire a boat with a skipper. They’ll take you to as many beaches as you want to see also stopping at the Green Cave just off Rukovac. Lunch is an optional extra that you can include in your itinerary which they’ll book for you.

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis     9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
Diving is another option. With beautiful clear waters, secluded coves and the odd wreck or two, Vis is a great place to go diving. There are a companies in both Komiza and Vis who will arrange tours and Padi courses.

Take a day trip to Komiza

If you staying in Vis, take a day trip to Komiza!  Buses travel between the two towns at regular intervals but check when the final bus leaves. When you arrive in Komiza, take the time to wander around this beautiful old stone fishing village.  Disappear down the small pathways that take you to the waters edge and enjoy the views from here.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
There are small pebble beaches at either end of the town..
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

As the sun sets, the bars get busy so take a seat…’s a great time for people watching. A bit later head to one of the local restaurants and enjoy some of the fresh seafood that the fisherman have caught that morning….lobster are their speciality!
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

Visit the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island

Tours to the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island are best taken from Komiza. As you walk along the promenade you will find many boat companies offering tours to the cave or if you have your own boat you can visit there and transfer to a small tour boat to see the cave.
The light is best between 11am and 12 noon, so try to be there around this time to see the reflection of the sun on the blue water light up the caves walls.

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
Photo taken by Jan Robinson @ Budget Travel Talk

Thanks to Jan from Budget Travel Talk for the photo of the Blue Cave. Information on Jan’s visit to the Blue Cave can be found here.



Climb Mt Hum

Hum, the highest point on the island at 587metres above sea level offers glorious views of Komiza and Bisevo Island. The walk takes about two hours from Komiza but we preferred the drive!
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

See the underground caves and tunnels used by Josip Tito’s partisan fighters.

When Tito’s fighters left the island in 1989, they left behind many tunnels and caves that were used by them during these times. As you drive around the island you will see these caves dotted through the hills. Many of them have a maze of underground tunnels running from them that were used for hiding stores, arms and men.
Tito actually lived and had his headquarters in a cave on the southern side of Mt Hum. You can visit this cave either with a tour or by yourself. As you leave the town of Podspilje and head to Mt Hum, you will pass an unmarked set of stairs which you should follow to the cave.
Another path from the summit of Mt Hum leads you to Stupišć, the former rocket base.
One more site to see is the underground submarine tunnel on the northern side of the island as you head to Fort George.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
Many of the tourist agencies in Vis and Komiza offer military tours.

Try the local Croatian cuisine.

From freshly caught seafood cooked on the grill to slowly cooked dishes under the peka and local dishes such as paštićada, Vis has a reputation as a gastronomic island. This has a lot to do with the high quality of the local produce but the chefs know how to treat this fresh produce and are creating tasty local dishes for visitors to try.
You will find a list of my favourites restaurants in Vis here
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis
Don’t forget to try the local hib cake as well…definitely A Taste of Vis


Taste the local wine

The inland areas of the island are covered with vines…..The red and the white plava are well known in wine circles.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

The best places to try these wines are in the wine bars. In the centre of the island, next to Rokis and in front of the old WW2 airfield, you’ll find the aptly named Aerodrom.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

On your way back to Vis, stop at the island’s well known winery….Antonio Lipanović where barrels are kept in the WW11 caves that were once used by Tito’s army.
In Vis, there are many small wine bars, some with their fermentation tanks on show.
9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis


A few more..

This list is by no means complete……During summer catch up on old movies in the open air cinema, explore the Greek and Roman history of the island at the Archaeological Museum. Head around the bay to the Franciscan Church and Monastery which was built on the site of a Roman ampitheatre and then continue up the hill to take in the view from Fort George.

9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

What would you like to do on Vis?

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