I love instagram!
I love the community that instagram has bought.
I love meeting like minded people through not only my love of travel, but through other interests.
I love catching up with people in far flung places or down the road.
I love learning of new places to visit, new restaurants to eat at and new sights to see.
I love the fact that, unlike facebook, you can see all their pictures and if you have missed one or two, you can always go back and look at what you’ve missed.
I love that instagram is quick, easy and lots of fun!

Thank you

Thank you to you all who are following atasteoftravel on Instagram.
I really do appreciate your likes, your comments and love the chats we have.
This year, on over 696 posts there were 105,959 likes. By the end of the year over 11,000 of you were following atasteoftravel! Wow!
These are your favourite photos:
It makes for rather a nice collage!
 A Taste of Travel on Instagram
Apart from the wonderful Hagia Sofia, it seems that blue is your favourite colour!
That’s great as we’re off to Rottnest Island next week and there’ll be plenty of blue coming your way!
See you on Instagram!
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