It was time to explore another of Palermo’s markets – the Ballarò Market
This 1000 year old market is hidden in side streets around Piazza Carmine, in the old part of town between Via Marqueda and Corso Tukory.
On first glance, you notice the sea of umbrellas and tarpaulins, mainly red, covering the stalls

Ballaro Market, Palermo
Ballaro Market

Ballaro Market, Palermo
As with the Capo Market, locals shop here for new seasons fruit and vegetables, cheeses, spices, fresh fish and all cuts of meat.
Welcome to the meat market, Ballaro market, Palermo
Welcome to the meat market

Cherries under the red glow of the Ballaro Market, Palermo
Cherries under the red glow of the market umbrellas

Tenerumi are the vines, leaves and tendrils of a cucuzza, a long, thin, sicilian squash. They are often used in pasta dishes or soup.
Cucuzza - Ballaro Market , Palermo

Tenerumi - Ballaro Market, Palermo

Lumache - Ballaro Market, Palermo
Lumache (snails)

Ricotta - Ballaro Market, Palermo

Ricotta fresca with olives, Ballaro Market in Palermo
Ricotta fresca with olives and pistachio

Anchovies - Ballaro Market, Palermo

Fishmonger in Ballaro Market, Palermo
Swordfish & Tuna at the Fishmonger's

Sausages - Ballaro Market, Palermo
Sausage decoration

The market is also a street eaters delight.
Pane con panelle, arancine, pane cu’ la meuza and sfincione are readily available
In the middle of the market, this panelle stall does a roaring trade. The panelle, which are slices of a dough made from chick peas are deep fried along with aubergine slices, and then put into the freshest panini to make a stunning roll.
You must try one!
Panelle stand at the Ballaro Market in Palermo
Panelle stand

Deep frying panelle in Ballaro Market, Palermo
Deep frying panelle

Pane con panelle - Ballaro Market, Palermo
Pane con panelle - delicious!

Pane ca’ meuza is another popular snack. For this, the bread roll is filled with beef spleen and topped with grated caciocavallo cheese.
Not for me, but they are very popular.
Pane ca' meusa
Ready for the pane

Just outside the market, this sfincione cart was hoping for business. Sfincione are slices of focaccia like base topped with a mixture of tomato and herbs
Sfincione cart, Palermo
Sfincione cart

These vendors were enjoying a quiet moment playing the Italian card game, Scopa, which is all about taking tricks.
Playing the Italian card game Scopa in Palermo
Playing Scopa

It’s easy when you can bring your own table!