All my life I have been an avid collector of travel information. I’d collect boxes and boxes of torn bits of paper from the latest travel magazines and papers. It’s only recently I have thrown them away but this hasn’t stopped me….Evernote is now bulging with similar notes!
The time has come to share some of these gems that I have tried and some of those I haven’t…..
Tuesday Travel Bites starts today!
Travel Bites is not necessarily about food. It but could be a travel tip, a town not to be missed, a new hotel opening, a special B&B or a little restaurant or cafe that you must try. Anything really!
In the past I have always written about places I have personally been to. This will continue but if there is some new and exciting happening around the word that I think you might like to try before I can, this is where you’ll be able to read it. There’s already a  couple of restaurants in Paris that I’d love to be trying now before they become too popular…..
First up is a great little cafe from my last port of call in 2012, Istanbul.
Datli Maya
This cafe is housed in an old simit bakery in the trendy Cihangir district of Istanbul. It’s a pleasant walk around the hilly, tree lined streets surrounding the Firuzaga Mosque.
Datli Maya in Istanbul-12
The original wood oven is the first thing you see as you enter the tiny cafe. It may have been converted to gas but the aroma of freshly baked breads was just as inviting. On the table, sesame covered simits, a traditional turkish bread, and delicious soft bread rolls as well as a huge plate of pistachio biscuits waited for hungry customers.
Datli Maya in Istanbul
Datli Maya 1 Collage

Datli Maya in Istanbul
The pistachio biscuits were soooo…delicious!

Upstairs the small dining room was buzzing as delicious looking plates of pides, boreks and soups passed us on the steps. In one corner, a large samovar stood ready to dispense endless cups of cay (tea).
This is a great area of Istanbul to explore and if you’re ready for a cup of tea or a light lunch, drop in and say hi but don’t miss the pistachio biscuits!
Datli Maya in Istanbul-2
Postnote: Since my visit here in November 2012, the ownership of Datlyi Maya has changed hands and unfortunately when I returned this year (2013), the pistachio biscuits were not the same!
Datli Maya
Türkgücü Cad No 59A
Cihangir ( Behind the Firuzaga Mosque)
Tel: +902122929057
Open everyday from 8am – 10pm