B    B…… is for Broome in Western Australia

For West Australians, Broome is our winter getaway. It is the place we head to escape the winter cold. Many people flock to Bali but for me Broome is the place to go! It’s all about the beach!
The beach in Broome is hard to beat! Cable Beach is constantly being named as one of the best beaches in Australia and it’s easy to see why…..
Broome’s tides can vary by up to nine metres. Early in the morning when the tide is out, vast expanses of white sand are exposed….a perfect early morning walk.
Cable Beach, Broome
The birds love it too as the low tide exposes water holes and breakfast nibbles.
Cable Beach, Broome
Later in the day, the tide comes in and makes the beach that little bit smaller but still perfect!
Cable Beach, Broome
Can you see yourself catching a few rays here?
Cable Beach, Broome
Tired of lying on the beach the beach…..then you can always take a camel ride!
Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
But the best time to head to the beach is for sunset drinks…
Cable Beach Club has a great bar perfectly positioned to watch the sunset
Cable Beach Club, Broome
or you may prefer to either sit on the grass or take your car to the beach to get even closer…
Sunset in Broome
But wherever you are, Broome’s sunset is there for you to enjoy!
Sunset in Broome
Have you been to Broome…would you like to go?
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