You’ve escaped to Broome, checked out the town and had sunset drinks on the beach, so now it’s time to take a camel ride on Cable Beach!
Twice a day, Broome’s camel teams head here to wait for their riders. Everything looks peaceful on the beach as the camels wait but it hasn’t always been like this. Recently the Broome council decided to award one license to the highest bidder but this was overturned when other operators claimed it was unfair. Today, three companies operate camel tours
Decked in their colours, they provide a perfect photo opportunity on the beach.
Camels on Cable Beach
Camels waiting on Cable Beach
When you look closely at the camels, you notice that each camel has their own, distinct appearance. After speaking to their handlers, I found out that they have different personality traits as well. Some are friendly, a few are grumpy, many are cuddly and there’s the odd naughty one but most just love the attention they receive.
Camels on Cable Beach

Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
Bad hair day

Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
Only a mother would love it!

Once everyone’s on board, they are on their way for the walk along Cable Beach
Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
The camels all wear ‘pooper scooper’ bags so there’s now no need for someone to follow behind and clean up after them!
Camels on Cable Beach, Broome
The latest, must have accessory -the pooper scooper bag!

Sunset is is the most popular time to go for a ride. The walk home, as the sun slowly sets is truly beautiful
Camels returning home on Cable Beach, Broome
Returning home

Sunset on Cable Beach

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