Wander behind the medieval walls that surround the coastal town of Budva in Montengro and it will feel like any other town but just outside the walls, there’s a quirkiness that offers another outlook on the city.
Three things stand out… boats, bars and bags!
Budva is all about boats
Big boats, small boats, boats of any and every size. Budva is a definitely a mecca for boats sailing in the Adriatic.
Budva port
You can’t miss the very impressive large cruisers taking the front row berths from where they sit and watch everyone walk by immersed in dreams of a life on the sea!  Many have Russian names which are lit up at night. Their toys..jet skis and runabouts…are either on the back of the boat or moored alongside!
Boats in Budva
Boats in Budva
Boats in Budva
Just around the corner, the smaller, local boats moor. Some are fishing boats but many are used as taxis to take people to the nearby island or for tours around the bays.
Boats in Budva
Budva is about bars
The town’s walls provide a prefect backdrop for the many bars that are set up under them.
Most were fairly empty when we were there as summer was not in full swing but I can imagine that on a hot,  still summer’s night these would be over flowing with people enjoying the live music.
Bars under the walls in Budva
Bars under the walls in Budva
Small bars inside the wall offer a completely different feel. Quieter and more intimate, they were often found under the shade of grape vines or umbrellas.
Drinks are cheap.. A beer will cost E1.50 whilst a gin and tonic varied from E3-E5 depending on which bar you were at. I’m not sure about the strength of the gin but…
Wine is also very cheap…$A1.50 a glass for a drinkable white wine.
city bar
town cafe  bar_
Budva is about bags!
After a few days of people watching, I noticed one thing and it was all about the boys! In Budva you must have a man bag! Sorry but you just don’t cut it unless you do…young or old it seems to be compulsory wear!
As we moved up the coast, we realised this is very common in this part of the world, so wear yours with pride!!
Bags in Budva

Bags in Budva
My bag is better than yours!

Bags in Budva
The man bag brigade!

 Does Budva remind you of a town you have been to?
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