The Aeolian Islands of Panarea and Salina are known for their capers.
On Salina, the town of Pollara, introduced to the world in the film Il Postino, is one of the main centres of caper production. Pollara is a small town of 70 inhabitants built in the half sunken crater of a volcano. At the base of the crater is a small black sand beach which can only be reached on foot or by boat. The bay, with the stack still showing, is a perfect mooring spot for the visiting yachts

Bay at Pollara
As it does all over Sicily, wild fennel grows on the side of the road from Malfa to Pollara

Wild fennel
Even the caper bushes have a view

The caper bush is a low, wide bush with branches growing out from the centre. There is no season for the caper, they are picked approximately every eight days. If the caper is not picked, it produces a beautiful white flower with pink/purple stamens which only lasts the day. This flower then produces a fruit called the cucunci or caperberry

The caper bush

The capers are the tiny flower buds on the bush

Some of the buds are just starting to flower

The capers are then salted, pickled or kept in oil
Giuseppe and Anna Famularo and their family, who many years ago lived in Melbourne, oversee the caper production on their farm as well as run the restaurant at Azienda Agriturismo Al Cappero.


The restaurant.

We enjoy a simple but tasty Trenette Aeolian- Pasta with capers, chopped almonds and garlic.

Eggplant parmegiana

Grilled swordfish

Tomato and caper salad
Crema di limone and a glass of local Malvasia wine finish a simple but fabulous lunch
Whilst here, don’t forget to buy your capers and caperberries!

Azienda Agrituristica Al Cappero
98050 Pollara Salina
Tel:+39 090 9844133
Azienda Agrituristica Al Cappero