The gauntlet had been thrown…now to accept the challenge!  Five travel photos that best capture the colours red, yellow, white, blue and green.
Travel Supermarket are again running their popular photoblogging competition and I have been tagged to enter by three fabulous bloggers:
Farrah from Mom of Three Under
Michaela from Rocky Travel
Nita from Spilling the Beans
They all have great entries in this competition so please click on the links above to see their photos.
Last year, I chose photos from different countries I had been to but this year I thought it would be fun to choose photos that I have taken recently as we travelled through Turkey.
When I was first nominated by Farrah, it was mentioned that I spend a lot of time in markets…too true! Exploring markets and local food is for me, an important part of travelling, so I have decided to choose photos from my last 6 weeks in Turkey and guess what..these photos are all about food!
Here are my entries:
Chestnut honey in Erfelek, Turkey
Chestnut honey has a unique flavour. The honey is only available for a short time whilst the chestnut blossom is in flower so I was very excited to see it as part of our enormous village breakfast in the town of Erfelek in Turkey.
I wasn’t the only one enjoying it though!
Kadaif making in Antakya
To make the fabulous sweet treat, künefe, you need layers of strands of kadaif which is made by using this clever little machine that spreads the dough onto a warm rotating disc. So easy!! Seen in Antakya (Hatay) 
Pistachio Künefe in Antakya
Central Anatolia is famous for it’s pistachios (fistik). You can buy them still in their bright pink husks, peeled in their shells as we normally do or freshly roasted. But I can’t think of a better way to have them than to head to Antakya (Hatay) where the best künefe is made. This delicious sweet is made with layers of kadaif strands and cheese, cooked and then, if requested, topped with crumbed pistachios! Delicious!
Tomatoes from Sapanca
Delicious, sweet red tomatoes appear in large quantities in the Turkish markets at this time of the year. The markets are full of farmers selling their own home grown produce just like this man in Sapanca. I love that tomatoes are always served at breakfast with cheese, cucumber, sausage and olives!
Palamut at the Sapanca market
Sapanca is not far from the Black Sea and their local friday market is a fun place to visit. The season for palamut had just started and these little beauties were bought fresh from the coast that morning. Their blue tinge shone bright against the red!
Now to the tricky part. With only five days to go it’s a bit unfair to tag other people and expect them to enter but I’ll issue the challenge in the hope that they can work miracles! All you have to do is write a blog post with your five favourite photos from the colour categories I have used. Nominate five other bloggers and tweet it with the hashtag #CTC13. Submissions close on October 9th but I’m sure we’d all like to see you photos at any time! Good luck
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