As we sit on the balcony of our apartment on Krk Island, our view takes us to the island of Cres.The temptation to visit proved too much one day so we headed off to investigate! The ferry ride from Valbiska to Merag was quick. Thirty minutes later, after driving past rocky fields of olive trees, we arrived in the town of Cres. 
Pink bougainvillea and cascading grape vines decorated the first houses we saw. The old stone Franciscan Monastery was well tendered and the streets are spotless.
Houses in the village of Cres

The Franciscan Monastery in Cres
The Franciscan Monastery

The minute you walk into a town, you know if you are going to like it or not and Cres was one town I knew straight away that I would enjoy.
cres across the water
As we rounded the corner, the harbour opened up before us. Small fishing boats lined the walkway. The port is the centre of many a town and Cres was no exception. What did surprise me the coloured houses surrounding the water. I was immediately taken back to the Venetian island of Burano.
This probably shouldn’t have surprised me for the early history of these towns along the Croatian coast includes a time when it came under Venetian rule.

The coloured houses of Cres
The coloured houses of Cres
The coloured houses and fishing boat harbour of Cres
The coloured houses and fishing boat harbour of Cres

The town of Cres on Cres Island
Cres Town, Croatia

The main square of Cres
The main square of Cres

It didn’t take long to walk around the town so we took a seat on the waterfront and watched everyone go about their daily chores. The Italian influence is still strong. The menu was written in both Croatian and Italian.
Fresh fish had to be bought…..
fish shop cres Collage.jpg
It was market day and a small group of ladies had set up stalls near the 16th century loggia. Local olive oil and a small selection of fresh produce were for sale.
olive oil stand
Cres and the adjoining island of Losinj are separated by a small bridge over the narrow channel so this was our next stop…Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj were waiting for us!

The view looking back over Cres
The view looking back over Cres

Have you ever visited a town that reminded you of another?
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