As much as I love eating at local restaurants in Delhi, there are one or two hotel restaurants that I must return to each trip!
Bukhara Restaurant in the Sheraton ITC Mauyra Hotel is one of them. For many years it has been recognised as one of the top restaurants in Delhi and though there are now probably many more finer restaurants, it is a fun night out.
I remember the first time my husband went to Delhi and ate at Bukhara. He came home with stories of delicious curries and bread the length of the table. On my first trip to India, I had to see this for myself and since then, I have returned often.
Spices fill the air as you enter the restaurant. The log tables at Bukhara have not changed over the years, there are still no knives and forks. Behind the glass partition, the chefs can still be seen working their tandoor ovens. Bibs are tied around your neck and the parade of food starts.
Bukhara is famous for its giant bread. It may not be the length of the table as my husband suggested (he is prone to exaggeration) but it is certainly huge and absolutely delicious!
Bukhara bread
But it’s not just about the bread! Don’t miss their famous Dal Bukhara, lentils simmered over two nights with tomatoes , ginger and garlic… The copper pots of delicious curries…The presidents platters that display a selection of  grilled meats and the many different kebabs. It’s all part of a fun night!
Do you like Indian food? 
Bukhara Restaurant
ITC Maurya Hotel
Chanakya Puri, New Delhi,
Tel:+91 11 2611 2233
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