The annual winter migration to Broome starts around the end of May. Grey nomads pulling large caravans head north only to return when the weather starts to get too hot. We joined the exodus last month and spent a fabulous week staying with friends in the warmth and sunshine of Broome.

Broome from the air
Broome from the air

Two and a half hours by plane from Perth and you are in a different world even though you are still in Western Australia.
Those that must have the sun’s rays beating down on them, head straight to Cable Beach, Broome’s famous beach where twenty two miles of beautiful white sand and turquoise water goes on forever.
Cable Beach looking south
Cable Beach looking south

Looking north on Cable Beach
Looking north on Cable Beach

The tides are dramatic here. By lunch time, half the beach disappears only to return later in the day as the tide recedes. The patterns left on the sand can be very beautiful
Patterns in the sand at Cable Beach
Patterns in the sand!

After a morning on the beach, it’s time to head to town for a coffee and to pick up the morning’s papers. In a converted Broome house overlooking the Roebuck Bay, Matso’s is very popular. Try their ginger beer- it’s excellent
Matso's in Broome

The central area of Broome is known as Chinatown, a tribute to the early days of the pearling industry for which Broome is famous. Multicultural influences of this time can still be seen in the main street with old buildings mixing with new.
Carnarvon St, Broome
Carnarvon St

Another view of Broome streets
Another view

Johny Chi Lane in Carnarvon St, Broome
Johny Chi Lane in Carnarvon St

Also in the main street is Sun Pictures, the world’s oldest picture theatre. With beautiful nights here, it’s fun to sit outside under the stars and watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster.
Sun Picture Theatre, Broome
Sun Picture Theatre

Broome is the place to buy pearls. It’s very easy to get carried away but there is one pearl that is not for sale. At Cygnet Bay Pearls in Dampier Terrace, you can see the world’s largest round pearl and chat to its finder, Jacko. With a diameter of 22.24mm and circumference of 70mm, it’s a knockout!
World's largest round pearl
World's largest round pearl

About 5 pm, you will find most people return to Cable Beach to watch the amazing sunsets
Sunset on Cable Beach, Broome
Once a month, at the time of the full moon, the place to be is overlooking the mud flats of Roebuck Bay. At a time when the tide is at its lowest and the moon is at its fullest, the natural phenomenon known as the ‘Staircase to the Moon’ takes place. The reflection of the moon on the exposed mud flats creates the optical illusion of a staircase reaching the moon. Our timing was not perfect- we were a day early!
Not quite the 'Staircase to the Moon' in Broome
Not quite the 'Staircase to the Moon'

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