Giorgio, Giorgio, Giorgio, the crowd shouted.
We were standing on the steps of the Duomo with a chanting crowd awaiting the arrival of the statue of San Giorgio, the patron saint of Modica.
The Duomo before the crowds arrived
La Festa di San Giorgio is celebrated on the Sunday after April 23rd but this year, because of Easter, the day was changed to May 8th.
Inside the Duomo, San Giorgio was the centre of attention.
Outside, the crowds waited, enjoying the party atmoshere. Bands played, the gelati truck did a roaring trade and the obligatory plastic toy vendors actually made a few sales.
Around 5 pm the main doors opened and to the cheer of the crowd, San Giorgio appeared.
As the chant grew louder, Giorgio was paraded back and forth on the top of the stairs and masses of coloured confetti were fired into the air.
Eventually Giorgio made his way down the steps, carried by about 40 strong men dressed in red Tshirts, to parade around the streets of Modica.
The procession continued until 11pm when Giorgio finally appeared back on the steps of the Duomo,where the crowd had regrouped.
Fireworks exploded above us as the reverberations were heard across the ravine.
Finally Giorgio was back home.