The words caught my eye…a food and photography workshop in Turkey…and the planning started!
Organised by Olga Irez from Delicious Istanbul and photographer, David Hagerman from David Hagerman Photography and Eating Asia, I knew we would be in the hands of experts.
And experts they were….
For five nights we were based at Zelis Çifligi .. a small hotel overlooking Lake Sapanca about an hour and a half from Istanbul. Zelis Çifligi is the home of Olga’s husband, Özgür and his parents. Here, on non cooking days, we were spoilt with his Mother, Zeliha’s fabulous food. What a combination!
During the day, Olga taught us how to make turkish breads and pastries, kebabs, dolmas and lots more which we promptly photographed, learning the tricks of the trade from David. We visited local markets, the historic old town of Göynük and had trips to meet a few of the local characters in the area.
Whilst more stories will emerge of our time here with new friends and our great hosts, here are a few highlights…

Zelis Çifligi
Zelis Çifligi

Home made borek
Home made borek

Bread shop in Göynük
Bread shop in Göynük

A close shave in Göynük
David having a close shave in Göynük!

Sapanca farmer
The delightful 83 year old farmer who we visited for breakfast

Hamsi pie
Zeliha’s hamsi pie

Valley home
A house with a view over the valley

Fiddle playing hermit in the hills of Sapanca, Turkey
The mad fiddle playing hermit living in a valley high in the mountains…

The hermit's wife, Turkey
and his wife…

 Produce seller at the Sapanca markets
A face in the crowd at the Sapanca markets

Peach cake
Peach cake

Sapanca market seller
This lady selling a few home grown vegetables, caught my eye at the market

Washing area of the mosque in Göynük
Washing area of the mosque in Göynük

Zeliha from Zelis Çifligi
Under Zeliha’s watchful eye!

Fading sun in the valley
Fading sun in the valley

Warm bread from the wood oven in Sapanca
Warm bread for breakfast from the wood oven at our farmer’s house in Sapanca

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