In the next three days I am going to take you off the beaten track to three places in Turkey that you probably have never heard of. Join us on this part of our road trip through Turkey.
Göynük is a small Ottoman town that we visited as part of a food and photography workshop I attended. It was about an hour from our base in Sapanca and was our first introduction to the Ottoman villages we would later see dotted through out the Black Sea area.
Göynük became part of the Ottoman empire in the 14th century and its houses reflect this period of time. There’s over one hundred of them nestled into the hills that surround the town.
Ottoman Houses in Göynük
The Zafer Kelesi or Victory Tower that was built in 1923 to celebrate the founding of the republic, stands on top of a nearby hill.
Göynük's Victory Tower 
A small stream runs through the village. The bridge over it leads to the village square.
Göynük's wooden bridge
There was no market on the day we visited (market day is Monday) but the local vegetable seller tempted us with beautiful looking tomatoes and aubergine.
Fruit and vegetable vendor in Göynük
The stream runs by the local tea house….
Göynük tea house
…and on to one side of the rebuilt Gazi Süleyman Paşa Cami, that was destroyed in a fire.
Göynük's mosque
We head back into the centre of town to wander through the village. We’d been told that there was a fabulous weaver here who makes the beautiful shawls that the women wear so we head off in search of her.
A street in Göynük
We notice that the older women here are all dressed the same here. The shops are full of the red and blue plaid baggy pants (şalvar) that they wear. A shawl covers their head and shoulders.

Local dress in Göynük

Ladies wearing the local dress

We find the weaver and her shop…she is also wearing the local dress and a beautiful shawl that she has made. She’s very pleased to see us…we all leave carrying bags!
The weaving shop in Göynük
Barber shops, bakeries and shops selling the everyday necessities line the street.  Men sit around outside the shops drinking copious cups of tea. It is a scene replayed in many a town.

Every day scenes from Göynük
Every day scenes from Göynük

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