One of my favourite towns in Piedmont is Monforte d’Alba.
Every time we visit, I drive my husband mad by searching for properties for sale! I can just imagine living here in this beautiful town.
Whilst staying at La Villa in Mombaruzzo, we could not resist popping back on our way to lunch at Antica Corona Reale da Renzo in Cervere. Monforte is in a great position, not far from many of the hill top towns we love to visit. The countryside that surrounds it is beautiful- valleys covered in vines, church spires topping hill top towns whilst the mountains in the distance form a perfect backdrop.

Countryside around Monforte d'Alba
Vines surround Monforte

Across the rooftops of Monforte d'Alba
View across the rooftops of Monforte

We sat outside Caffe Enoteca Rocca in Piazza Umberto, the main square of Monforte, chatting to the locals. I’m sure this would be my morning ritual if I lived here!
Caffe' Enoteca Rocca in Monforte d'Alba
Caffe Enoteca Rocca

Across the piazza, you can see Ristorante La Collina and the ‘Madonna della Neve’ Church
'Madonna della Neve' Church with Ristorante Il Collina in the foreground
View across Piazza Umberto

To the left in Via Garibaldi, a new hotel has opened next to the Barola Bar , a great spot to taste the beautiful wines of the region
Via Garibaldi in Monforte d'Alba
Via Garibaldi

We wander up the steep, narrow streets behind the cafe. The village is as pretty as ever.
The colours of Monforte d'Alba
The colours of Monforte d'Alba

Entrance to Azienda Agricola Alessandro e Gian Fantino's Cantina in Monforte
Azienda Agricola Alessandro e Gian Fantino

Entrance to Osteria La Salita in Monforte d'Alba
Pretty entrance to Osteria La Salita

Painted wall at Osteria dei Catari in Monforte d'Alba
Painted wall at Osteria dei Catari

Keep walking up the hill as the road lead to the historical, upper part of the town.
The view from here is spectacular
View from the top of Monforte d'Alba
View from the top of Monforte

The older part of Monforte d'Alba
Beautiful houses in the older part of the village

At the top of the hill is the Bell Tower, the only remaining part of the Santa Maria Church and the St Elisabetta Oratory.
Bell Tower in Monforte d'Alba
What is behind the wall?

Behind the wall is this small open space with perfect acoustics which is used as an auditorium. Horszowski Auditorium is filled with music in July when Monforte holds it’s well known jazz festival.
Monforte d'Alba's outdoor auditorium
Imagine leading jazz bands playing here

Le Casa de Saracca in Monforte d'Alba
Entrance to Le Case della Saracca

This beautiful old building is home to Le Case della Saracca, a quirky little B&B of six rooms contrasting the old and the new, with a bar and restaurant. It is a perfect place to stay for the Jazz festival as it has its’ own entrance to the auditorium.
Further up the road is another fabulous place to stay. Villa Beccaris, with their beautiful rooms and stunning gardens and pool, it is a perfect retreat to return to after a day exploring.
Entrance to Villa Beccaris, Monforte d'Alba
Entrance to Villa Beccaris

Two years ago we were staying in Monforte in early October. One night, the weather changed dramatically for the worse but when we opened the windows in the morning, the view of the snow on the mountains was spectacular.
View of the snow on the mountains from Monforte d'Alba
View of the snow on the mountains from Monforte

Would you like to live here?
Villa Beccaris
Via Bava Beccaris,1
Monforte d’Alba
Tel: +39 0173 78158
Villa Beccaris
Le Case della Saracca
Via Cavour,5
Monforte d’Alba
Tel: +39 0173 789222
Le Case della Saracca
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