Since my early days in high school when I loved to study ancient history, Mesopotamia and the early civilizations have always fascinated me. Finally I have realised a dream and am in Jordan soaking up the history and atmosphere of this amazing area.
The Giving Lens is an organization that focuses on blending photography education with giving back to local communities. It was by founded by photographer Colby Brown in 2011 to combine travel, photography and a desire to give back to communities in need. Workshops are run all round the world so when I read that a trip to Jordan was being planned by Colby together with photographer Ken Kaminesky, I needed no prompting to join them.
We will work for a couple of days with the women of the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative Society, a non profit organisation that provides special training projects for women to give them the opportunity to bring in an income for their families.
We spend our first day with them tomorrow, after which we head to Feynan, Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea.
I’ve spent the first few days exploring Amman. A few photos….

The box like houses of Amman

Roman Ampitheatre, Amman
The Roman Ampitheatre

Waiting outside the Al Husseiny Mosque in Downtown Amman
Waiting outside the Al Husseiny Mosque in Downtown Amman

The vegetable souk in Amman
The bustling vegetable souk

A Bread vendor in Amman
Fresh bread covered with toasted sesame seeds!

Shop selling nuts in Downtown Amman
A shop selling all different types of fresh nuts

Dried figs in the market in Amman
Dried figs in the market

Warbet- a Jordanian sweet from Habibah
Warbet- a delicious Jordanian sweet from Habibah Sweets

Hadrian's Arch in Jerash
Hadrian’s Arch in Jerash

The amazing columns at Jerash

There will be many posts on Jordan when I return but in the meantime, I am updating facebook and instagram whenever I can! Join me as I travel through the country by clicking on these links!