Constantly referred to as the best restaurant in Sicily, we have come to Licata, a small town on the southern coast of Sicily between Gela and Agrigento, just to eat here.
From the outside, you would not recognize this as a temple of gastronomy.
After ringing the bell, we are welcomed into a typical italian restaurant – the food is obviously the star here!
Choosing the ‘Creativo’ menu of 9 courses is the best way to try chef, Pino Cuttaia’s treats from his kitchen. When each course is bought to the table, the chef himself appears and tells us about the dish.
This is our lunch.
Cuttlefish involtini in cauliflower soup with artichoke chips and black cuttlefish powder- amazing!
Too pretty to eat- but I did! Anchovy in a thin red onion paste base topped with tomato hearts and slices of baby red onion.
The lightest ever buffalo mozzarella on a base of tomato infused bread and pesto sauce. I don’t know how Pino was able to get the mozzarella so light but it was a similar texture to a snow egg. Unbelievable!
Tiny baby octopus on a chick pea and rosemary puree
Raw tuna topped with cooked tuna, artichoke, tomato, beans and fennel slivers with a pepperoncino sauce and a red onion sauce
Home made pasta with a scampi sauce, raw scampi and artichoke puree.
Swordfish with roasted pepper, oil and sepia powder sauce with a fennel seed wafer
Lemon gelato with the lightest brioche
Torrone gelato with chocolate.
Cannolo with orange marmalade and marsala gelato.
An unbelievable lunch. Not to be missed!
La Madia Restaurant
Corso Filippo Re Capriate, 22
Tel: +39 0922 771443
La Madia
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