This year I had a glimpse of how wonderful it is to celebrate Xmas in London. Thankfully the city and its shops started putting up the decorations quite early so that by the time we arrived in late November there was a definite Xmas atmosphere in the streets.
It took a while to get used to the daylight disappearing anytime between 4pm and 4.30pm but the festive lights helped create such a magic atmosphere that I looked forward to it!
Of course this little tease has made me want to return again at this time of the year to experience the Xmas markets both here and in Europe. Xmas in the southern hemisphere is so different!
Each night as we emerged from the dark depths of train travel at Sloane Square tube station, we were always greeted by the magic of the lights in the square.

Xmas lights in Sloane Square
Xmas lights in Sloane Square

On the other side of Sloane Square, fairy lights covered the exterior of the department store, Peter Jones.
peter Lewis
The windows of Peter Jones were very innovative this year.Birds and animals decorated the windows, all created from home wares and the electrical department….
Peter Jones Xmas windows 2013
The coffee pot penguins, hair accessory rabbits, Dyson reindeer and the polar bear from strainers, tables other bits and pieces!

Just around the corner, Tiffany’s tempted anyone that looked into their fabulous doll’s house Xmas windows

Tempting Xmas window at Tiffany's. #london

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Kings Road sparkled with all lights all along the street.

Duke of Wellington Square, Kings Road
Duke of Wellington Square, Kings Road

Oxford Street didn’t miss out either …it was Destination Christmas at Selfridges with each window showcasing a wish list item…..
Selfridges Xmas window 2013
Destination Christmas at Selfridges

Selfridges Xmas window 2013
Wishing for a Charlotte Olympia shoe…

Selfridges Xmas window 2013
Wishing for Bose headphones….

Nicholas Haslam in Edbury Street, Pimlico had one of my favourite windows. A polar bear family seemed to be talking to each other as their heads moved. Father Xmas was seen in the corner whilst a family of penguins watched on.
Xmas window at Nicholas Haslam
Xmas window at Nicholas Haslam
Xmas window at Nicholas Haslam
Penguins in the window at Nicholas Haslam

Fortnum & Mason’s windows were at their traditional best…
Fm  Collage
Whilst inside, a touch of quirkiness appeared…
Fortnums Collage
…along with the traditional tree.
London really does get you in the Christmas spirit!
From a hot Western Australia, best wishes to you and your family for a fabulous Christmas.
Where do you celebrate Christmas?