Shopping wasn’t a priority on our recent trip to Paris but I did manage to finally visit a shop that I had been wanting to see for a while.
On the edge of the Marais,  Merci, has a reputation as a shop with a cause.
Whilst running their famous children’s wear label, Bonpoint, the owners, Bernand and Marie-France Cohen, regularly visited Madagascar. After selling Bonpoint, they established Merci and are using the profits to help the underprivileged children and women of Madagascar. One of the projects they fund is the building of a weaving workshop so the young women of country can produce and sell their products. Hence the name- Merci – to say thankyou!

Entrance to Merci in Paris
The entrance is on the right!

An entrance between the two black walls of windows beckons and inside, a little red cinquecento greets you.
The red cinquecento in the courtyard at Merci in Paris
The little red cinquecento

Ground floor of Merci in Paris
Fluro singlets greet you as you enter the shop

Merci is not like any other store. It is a reflection of Marie-France’s style. Open spaces and high ceilings create the loft like feeling where fashion and homewares stand side by side. Designer labels and children’s wear have their spaces whilst upstairs, old books line the wall around the cafe and home wares takes over the floor. There is also a restaurant on the ground floor .
Linen tablecloths and napkins caught my eye and their very reasonable prices ensured that they made their way into the shopping basket I had been given!!
Ground floor of Merci in Paris
Now where are those coat hangers!

Some of Merci’s suppliers are offering items at cost with the savings being passed on to the shoppers.
Everybody wins, particularly the women and children of Madagascar.
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
Paris, 75011
Tel: 01 42 77 78 92
Metro: Saint-Sebastian Froissart, Line No 8
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