It was midnight and we were quietly sipping daiquiris in an outdoor bar in Spetses when we received the message…you have to come and look at this boat.
Leaving our drinks on the table under the watchful eye of the owner we raced around the corner to be greeted by the sight of an unbelievable boat.
Jeff Koons designed boat Guilty
It was a boat like no other. The small quay in Spetses was full of mega yachts….some tasteful some not but there was no other boat like this one!
The exterior looked to me like a Lichenstein painting! I was close! It was actually the work of American artist Jeff Koons.
Jeff Koons designed boat Guilty
The 115 feet boat, with the name of Guilty, belongs to Greek Cypriot industrialist and art collector Dakis Joannou.
He commissioned Jeff Koons and Italian yacht designer Ivana Porfiri to design him a mega yacht and this is the result.
I later read that Koons had been inspired by British naval camouflage from World war 1 when designing the multi coloured exterior. The large windows allow the light into the all white interior. Upstairs we could see a huge pink neon sign with the word ‘feelings’.
Modern art on the water….
Definitely one of the more unusual boats I have seen.
What are your thoughts….love it or not!
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