Mostar's Stari Most
A quick detour on the way from Dubrovnik to Split found us in Bosnia Herzegovina. We were there to see Mostar’s famous Stari Most or Old Bridge.
The bridge, built in the 16th century, was destroyed on the 9th November 1993 during the Balkan war. It was  consequently rebuilt and opened again in 2004.
It now tempts travellers to dive from it into the flowing waters of the Neretva River but the only diver we saw was a local, asking visitors for donations for him to dive. I captured this on a video which you can see here .
There is distinct Turkish flavour to the town. Minarets appear over the roof tops, the main street to the bridge reminds me of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and boreks appear on most menus.
A little taste of Turkey in Bosnia Herzegovina.