Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi and Filicudi.
Once just names, they now have meaning. They are the Aeolian Islands, a group of seven islands just off the north eastern coast of Sicily, formed as a result of volcanic activity many hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Lipari is the largest and main island of the group. Salina is known as the green island whilst Panarea is the party island and Stromboli is famous for it’s active volcano. As the name suggests, Vulcano was once an active volcano whilst Alicudi, with it’s donkey transport and Filicudi are the smallest islands, a bit further away from the others.
All are different but all have the same black beaches and rocky coastlines.
We travel by ferry from Milazzo to Lipari and arrive at one of Lipari’s two marinas, Marina Lunga
Just around the corner from the hotel is Marina Corta, the small fishing port for the local fisherman and tour boats

Here in Piazza di Sant’Onofrio, fishermen repair their boats and nets, tour operators tout for business and tourists fill the cafes.

Shop lined Via Garibaldi leads from the piazza towards the citadel that overlooks the town.

Walls of the Citadel
The steps at Via del Concordato lead to the citadel with Cathedral di Saint Bartolomeo, the Archaeological Museum and Archaeological Park.

Via del Concordato steps
Take one of the streets leading off Via Garibaldi and you will arrive in tree lined Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street.

Fish shops compete with the local Ape vendor.


Street food flourishes at Mancia e Fui. Your choice!

Flower lined side streets

Closer to home, we explore the residential streets round the Hotel Meligunis.
At the end of the street is the small piazza and Church of San Bartolo.

People take pride in their homes. Colours are bright and everywhere there are flowers.
One piazza has fabulous trompe l’oeil walls.

I love this pizza oven!

Each night we join the locals for passeggiata followed by aperitivo.
Bar La Precchia in Via Vittorio Emanuele is the place to be. It is in a perfect position to enjoy a beer or a cocktail or three and watch the passing parade.
I love the way the Italians always offer plates of snacks.
Filippino Restaurant has for years been synonomous with Lipari. It celebrated it’s 100th birthday last year. I am slightly hesitant to go, thinking it will be very touristy, but we are encouraged by our hotel manager, Sylvia, who promises an excellent meal.
Thank heavens we went!
Our couscous with vegetable starter was fabulous. Cooked in a strong tasty sauce, the grains and vegetables were perfect.
We have eaten a lot of Fritto Misto this trip but Filippino’s stood out. A selection of fresh calamari, gamberi, acciughe and spatola was lightly fried. Delicious.
My grilled mupa was simple and very tasty. Presented and then deboned at the table, it was served with a delicious tomato and caper salad.
Tiramisu completed the best dinner we had on Lipari.

Ristorante Filippino
Piazza Mazzini
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Ristorante Filippino

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