After our amazing lunch at Zia Pina, dinner was the last thing on our minds.
That evening we wandered back to the area around Piazza Kalsa and Piazza Marina
Down the back lane from BB22 and past the old buildings lining the street around La Cala, we cross infront of the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Catena and are in Piazza Marina. From here it is a short walk to Piazza Kalsa

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Catena in Palermo
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Catena

Buildings around La Cala, Palermo
Buildings around La Cala

Piazza Kalsa, Palermo
Piazza Kalsa

The Arab influence is strong in Palermo. The Kalsa is known for its narrow winding streets. A lot of the Baroque churches and Moorish buildings were destroyed during World War II but now, after many years of neglect, the area is being restored. New restaurants, galleries and bars are opening all the time, making this one of Palermo’s most popular areas.
From Piazza Kalsa we wander along Via Torremuzza where the roadside trattorias are getting ready for the night’s diners.
Trattoria Da Salvo, Palermo
Trattoria Da Salvo

Via Allora is home to many more bars and restaurants. We head to Divino Rosso.
Closed! Where to now? We could stop at the well known wine bar, Enoteca Cana, further down the street, but we decide to continue to Osteria dei Vespri which is in a little piazza just past Via Alessandro Paternostro. I don’t believe it – it is fully booked. Now I wish we had planned dinner and made a booking!
We head back to Mi Manda Picone, a wine bar in Via Alessandro Paternostro with a great selection of mainly Sicilian wines.
Mi Manda Picone Wine Bar, Palermo
Mi Manda Picone

Their tables, as well as tables from the nearby restaurants, are set up outside the Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi in Piazza San Francesco
Piazza San Francesco, Palermo
Piazza San Francesco

The famous Antica Focacceria San Francesco is also here. Have a look, but you will find better food elsewhere.
Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Palermo
Piazza Marina is buzzing.
Kuè provides a great spot for people watching though I would recommend a gin or campari instead of a cocktail!
Kuè Cocktail Bar, Palermo
Kuè Cocktail Bar

We head back to where we started! The Kalsa has come alive since we were here earlier
Fruit shop in Piazza Kalsa, Palermo
Fruit shop in Piazza Kalsa

Street vendors have arrived.
Mussels anyone?
Mussels anyone?

Once known as Padro Aldo, Da Salvo is one of Palermo’s well known street trattorias
Plastic tables and chairs line the pavement and roadside. When we return, it is busier than ever but we manage to find a table.
Sitting on the road at Da Salvo, Palermo
Sitting on the road at Da Salvo

The fish are displayed on a nearby table and the grill is at the ready
Fresh fish at Da Salvo, Palermo
Fresh fish

Oysters at Da Salvo, Palermo

With all this beautiful seafood on display, we decide to share the house special.
The 20E special at Da Salvo, Palermo
The 20E special

Grilled to perfection, it was more than enough for the two of us (especially after our lunch!)
Grilled fish at Da Salvo, Palermo
Grilled fish

Fun night at Da Salvo
Fun night at Da Salvo


Da Salvo
Via Tortemuzza (La Kalsa)

L’Osteria Divino Rosso
Via Allora,22 (cnr Via Vetriera)
Tel: 091 6170863
L’Osteria Divino Rosso
Osteria dei Vespri
Piazza Croce dei Vespri, 6
Tel: 091 6171631
Osteria dei Vespri

Mi Manda Picone
Via Alessandro Paternostro, 59
Tel: 091 6160660
Via Bottai,6 (Piazza Marina)
Enoteca Cana
Via Allora,105
Enoteca Cana
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