From olive oil to wines.
After our stay at Mandranova, we move further along the coast to stay at La Foresteria on one of Planeta’s five vineyards that are dotted over the island. There are two wineries at Menfi as well as at one at Vittoria, Noto and Sambuca di Sicilia with a sixth due to start soon at Sciara Nuova on Etna. They are also a major olive oil producer.
La Foresteria is on their Gurra vineyard, just outside Menfi.
The rooms, opening onto boxed herb gardens, have a great view through the valley to the sea.
Arrangements are made to visit the Ulmo Winery at Sambuca di Sicilia which overlooks Lake Aracio. The 17th century farmhouse, about 30 minutes from Menfi, is the original home of the family and the business.
Planeta's Ulmo Winery at Sambuca di Sicilia
Planeta is one of Sicily’s largest wine producers producing two and a half million litres of wine per year. This winery produces all of their Alastro, Chardonnay and Cometa white wines as well as their new Nero d’Avola red wine, Plumbago.
Production of a sparkling white has just started and the bottles are stored in racks.
We taste some of their most popular wines.
Alastro: A fruity white made of 100% Grecanico grapes.
Cerasuolo: The only D.O.C.G wine to be awarded in Sicily – comes from the Vittorio winery
Syrah: An excellent red wine made from 100% syrah grapes and kept in oak for 12 months.
Burdese: This strong red is made with 70% cabernet savignon and 30% cabernet franc grapes and kept in oak for 12 months. This wine is one of the few wines that can be kept for up to 10 years.


We’re back in time for a quick Rose aperitivo before dinner of risotto with the ragusano cheese and a red wine (cerasuolo) reduction.
Their top wine, a Santa Cecilia, Nero d’Avola red from Noto, complements the main course of veal.
A taste of Planeta’s Passito di Noto made from 100% Moscato Bianco grapes, is a great finish to the day.
La Foresteria
Contrada Passo di Gurra
ex S.S 115 s.p. 79, Km 91
92013 Menfi
Tel: +39 0925 1955460
Planeta Estate- La Foresteria