Western Australia’s famous Kimberley region is the jewel in the crown of a state rich in amazing landscapes. It’s a vast, sparsely populated land….imagine three times the size of England and only forty thousand people.
Broome or Kununurra are both gateways to the area. From here you can follow the the Gibb River Road or explore the coast by boat… Two very different trips exploring one incredible land.
Massive gorges cut into the land, rivers that range from trickles to floods depending on the season create spectacular waterfalls and rock pools where you can swim well away from the lurking, prehistoric looking crocodiles. Aboriginal rock art decorates rock faces on the most obscure places. Don’t forget the fishing. Here you can fish to your hearts content though catching a barramundi may take a while…they love to jump off that hook!
I hope you enjoy these postcards from the Kimberleys……

Horizontal Falls
Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay where two different water levels creates a waterfall in the sea.
Montgomery Reef
Montgomery Reef: At certain times during the day, tides expose this large 400sq metre reef that is 20 kilometres from shore
Crocodile Creek
Crocodile Creek: a small waterhole where you can swim. There’s even a shaded area here!
King George River
Tall cliffs surround you in the King George River
King George River, Western Australia
The magnificent gorges of the Kimberleys. This one is from the top of the cliffs at the King George River
Waterhole in the Kimberleys
One of the many beautiful waterholes in the Kimberleys
Rock Art in the Kimberleys
The Kimberleys is home to a fabulous display of Aboriginal art.
Raft Point, Western Australia
Sailing away from Raft Point

 Would you like to visit the Kimberley region of Western Australia? 
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