Ragusa is one of the best known of the baroque towns of South Eastern Sicily.
It is divided into two communities- the old Ragusa Ibla and new Ragusa.
We want to explore old Ragusa, so head towards Piazza Duomo, the centre of Ibla.
The Duomo of San Giorgio stands at the top of a flight of stairs.
After icecreams at Gelato Divini, we continue down the main street, past the Circolo di Conversazione, a private club with a neoclassical interior and the Baroque Church of San Giuseppe (currently being restored) towards the Giardino Ibleo, the 19th century public gardens which are still beautifully kept.
We wander back through the town looking for the stairway that joins old and new Ragusa.
If we climb the 340 stairs, we will be late for the real reason for our visit, lunch at Ristorante Duomo, the Michelin starred restaurant of chef Cicciio Sultano.
We may need the stairs after lunch!!
A beautifully presented taster of raw swordfish with an orange and pistachio sauce is an indication of what is to come.
Layered languostine and smoked potato puree is topped with a deep fried snail. Sounds terrible but was great!
Entrees included Saffron Ravioli with ricotta and marjoram and topped with a small meatball of black pork.
Pasta with sea urchins and wild asparagus.
Pasta with sardines, sicilian style with tomatoes, pinenuts and currants.
A stunning red wine from the Gulfi Winery at nearby Chiaramonte Gulfi complemented the main courses.
Red Tuna with a sauce of broad beans and wild asparagus.
Sicilan Lamb with crunchy vegetables and cumin sauce
Yes, we had dessert. The lightest and tastiest cannoli disappeared before a photo could be taken!
Ristorante Duomo
Via Boccieri 31
Ragusa Ibla
Tel: +39 0932 651265
Another suggested restaurant in Ragusa is ‘Ai Lumi‘. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to see if they lived up to their reputation as the best fish restaurant in the area.
Trattoria Ai Lumi
Corso XXV Aprile,16
Ragusa Ibla
Tel: +39 0932 621224
At Locanda Don Serafino, a small hotel of 10 rooms in historic Ragusa Ibla. It also has an excellent restaurant.
Locanda Don Serafino
Via Febbraio XV
Ragusa Ibla
Tel: +39 0932 220065
Locanda Don Serafino
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