Whilst everyone in the northern hemisphere is excited that warmer days are just around the corner,  down under we should be saying goodbye to the lazy hazy days of summer.  But summer’s lingering….todays’ temperature of 37C broke the record for the hottest April day this century, bringing hope that a few more days of Rottnest fun can be enjoyed.
Rottnest Island is our summer playground. Twenty kilometres off the coast of Perth lies this small island blessed with secluded bays of white sand and clear turquoise waters.
Houses are only found in a few bays close to the main settlement, cars are not allowed and bikes rule the day.
All around the island, boat moorings dot the bays. It is a boatie’s paradise.We head there on our old wooden boat and stay as long as we can.
Long early morning walks to different parts of the island start the day. Then there’s the trip in the dinghy out to check how lucky we’ve been with the craypots. Lunch depends on a couple of these little fellas crawling into the pots! Lazy afternoons spent reading inevitably ending with a drink or two with friends in the bay.  It’s a complete holiday…..join me as I look through my iphone photos!

Marjorie Bay, Rottnest Island
Boats in the bay…

Rottnest Island
Paddle boards on the sand

We are surrounded with wildlife..
Some have the best view in the bay. This osprey’s nest has taken years to build unmoved by winter ‘s wind and storms.
Osprey's nest on Rottnest island
Osprey’s nest

Dolphins at Rottnest Island
Pods of dolphins swim in the bay…

New Zealand fur seals at Rottnest Island
Whilst these New Zealand fur seals call a small rocky bay north of us, home….

Catching crayfish at Rottnest Island
Crayfish are caught…

Freshly cooked crayfish from Rottnest Island
…and eaten!

A new day rises….
Sunrise on Rottnest Island

whilst another sets… .
Sunset on Rottnest Island
Sunset on Rottnest Island
Lightening strikes on Rottnest Island
Lightening strikes!

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