Rottnest Island in January: An Instagram Gallery
Clear blue water, white sand, snorkelling over reefs, fresh crayfish for lunch, pelicans on the beach and dolphins playing in the distance…it’s summer….and we’re on Rottnest Island!

New year's Day in Thomson Bay on Rottnest Island
Stunning day at Rottnest to start the New Year…

Rotto is our nickname for Rottnest Island, a small island about 20 kilometres from the West Australian coast, just off Fremantle.
This summer playground for West Australians of all ages is actually a Class A Nature Reserve. No cars are allowed on the island apart from a few work vehicles and the island busses. Ferries from Fremantle and Hillary arrive at the main settlement of Thomson Bay.
The bays around the island are beautiful…there’s plenty to see even if you come for just a day, so rent a bike, grab you snorkel and flippers and head off to explore these stunning bays.
Join me as I flick through my Instagram gallery for January and relive the lazy, summer days of January on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island in January

Parker Point, Rottnest Island
Parker Point on a less windy day than today! rottnestisland

Rottnest Island
It doesn’t matter if there’s clear blue water or a few rocks… The bay’s around Rottnest are all different and all stunning! rottnestisland


Thomson Bay

Rottnest has a few different areas that you can stay in....these cottages are in Thomson Bay, not far from the water! rottnestisland
Rottnest has a few different areas that you can stay in….these cottages are in Thomson Bay, not far from the water! rottnestisland

Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island
The settlement at Thomson Bay #rottnest

In Thomson Bay you’ll find the islands most famous inhabitants… the quokka.
Quokkas are small marsupial animals. They are found all over the island but it’s often easier to find them around the food areas even though you are not allowed to feed them! Read all about the quokka and how everyones loves quokkas
Rottnest Island is the best place to see quokkas!
Rottnest Island is the best place to see quokkas! They’re pretty easy to find…often hanging around the settlement!

We stay in one of the bays further around the island that is away from the crowds.
Marjorie Bay on Rottnest Island
Our little piece of heaven on Rottnest…..complete with lap pool! #rottnestisland

Champagne Pool on Rottnest Island
Champagne Pool….a little bit of heaven surrounded by reef with the clearest blue water…. Rottnest Island

Rottnest island
The clear blue waters leading to Champagne Pool


Catching Crayfish

The most important part of the day is heading out to check the cray pots. This is a daily routine which quickly becomes the main topic of conversation…’how many did you get today’ or ‘the crays aren’t around at the moment’.

Crayfish from Rottnest Island
Lunch is caught! #rottnest

Lunch depends on catching a couple of them!
Fresh crayfish for lunch on Rottnest Island
Slightly warm, fresh crayfish for lunch… #rottnest

Nature surrounds us. As well as the quokkas on the mainland we have an abundance of bird and animal life to watch coming and going. So far we have not been to see the seals that live a couple of bays away but before summer leaves us, we’ll be sure to visit!


Pelicans on Rottnest Island
The pelicans are back to help us celebrate the Australia Day weekend! #rottnestisland

Pelicans are fascinating birds. They are often waiting for us on the beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to watch the peculiar way they bend their necks to sleep and eat. There’s one particular pelican who is quite friendly…we’ve all named him Denis! One day Denis accompanied me as I walked the length of the bay staying only a metre from the shore!


One of the greatest pleasures in life is to sit in a dinghy surrounded by these beautiful creatures of the sea. Sometimes they come into the bay and play around the boat but at other times, especially when there is a large pod, they stay just outside the entrance to the bay. On this particular day there would have been about thirty of them, catching fish and diving around us. Some of the fins are quite gnarled giving us a chance to recognise them each time they visit.

The dolphins at Rottnest island
A few of a large pod of dolphins just outside the bay….mothers with babies, old boys with gnarled fins…all diving under the boat and resurfacing not far away! #rottnest



There are seven osprey nests on the island and one is on the headland at the end of the bay. We often see them flying over head, gathering food for their babies. The nests are big and surprisingly survive from season to season despite the harsh winter winds and rain.

An osprey nest on Rottnest Island
I was lucky to catch the osprey at home this morning….this nest is one of seven on Rottnest Island that somehow survive winter after winter. #rottnestisland

Rocky Bay, Rottnest Island
Early morning walk to Rocky Bay or Narrow Neck as we all call it! #rottnestisland


Sunrise and Sunset

Two beautiful times of the day which are even more stunning at Rottnest

Rottnest Island Sunrise
Good morning sunshine! It’s forecast to be a hot one today…40C!

Pink hues at sunrise on Rottnest Island
A pink hue covers the still ocean just before sunrise…..worth the early start! #rottnestisland

Shimmering water at sunset on Rottnest Island
When the setting sun starts shimmering on the water, it’s time for an evening beach walk…. rottnestisland

Sunset over Rottnest on a record...44C or 111F.
Tonight’s sunset over Rottnest after the third hottest January day on record…44C or 111F. At least it was a bit cooler on the island! rottnest

Sunset at Rottnest Island
Tonight’s stunning sunset at Rottnest…. #westernaustralia

Sunset at Rottnest Island
Yet another spectacular sunset tonight….#rottnestisland

And it’s a sunset that is this month’s most popular instagram photo…..
Sunset at Rottnest Island
The sunsets this week have all been sensational…tonight’s might be the best so far! #rottnestisland

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