I love food markets so you can imagine how excited I was when I realised that we were staying about fifty metres from Rue Montorgueil, one of the oldest market streets in central Paris. It is one of the few reminders of the Les Halles covered market area before it was replaced in 1975 by a boring concrete shopping mall. Some of the buildings housing the restaurants and shops that line this pedestrian street have been there since the turn of the last century.
Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Every morning we headed to the boulangerie for croissants and bread sticks. There are quite a few in the street but our favourites were Maison Collant and Strohrer. It was a pleasure to join the queue- the smell of freshly baked bread permeated the air making the decision harder as to which type of baguette we would try today.
Maison Collet in Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Patisserie Stohrer at No.51 is one of the oldest patissieres in Paris having been opened by Nicolas Stohrer in 1730. The patisserie became famous for his Baba au Rhum which is still being sold today.
The decadent displays of pastries proved too hard to ignore and were often seen at the breakfast table!!
Strohrer Patissiere in Rue Montorgueil, Paris   Strohrer Patissiere in Rue Montergueil, Paris

Pastries from Strohrer Patissiere in Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Strohrer pastries. The Rhum Baba is on the left!

Over the road from Stohrer, at No 86 is La Fermette, a fabulous cheese shop. Not being used to the amazing choice on offer, the boys who owned the shop offered their suggestions for different cheeses to try and a taste of each. I can highly recommend the goats cheese and the Comte!
La Fermette in Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Cheese selection from La Fermette in Rue Montorgueil, Paris
I love goat cheese!

Le Repaire de Bacchus, our supplier of wine and champagne for our stay in the apartment, was next door! The owner was very knowledgeable and a proved to be a great source of inspiration for our choice of french wine at a reasonable  price.
e Repaire de Bacchus on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Just down the road was the perfectly named Palais du Fruit. Summer fruits filled the shop. Punnets of raspberries , strawberries, blueberries and gooseberries together with sweet nectarines and plums formed the basis of our morning fruit salad.
Palais du Fruit on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Palais du Fruit on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
But the queen of the ‘Palais’ was the white asparagus.
White asparagus from Palais du Fruit on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
The fishmonger and butcher were side by side to the fruit shop. Handy!
I loved the open fish mongers. A fabulous selection of fresh seafood was beautifully displayed. Whole fish, fillets , prawns, lobsters and coquilles sat on ice as calls to come and buy their fresh fish were heard from the staff.
The Fishmonger on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Fresh fish at the Rue Montorgueil Market
We tried them all! The butcher provided a fabulous fillet of beef which we cooked for our celebratory dinner after the Paris Marathon. He also sold an excellent selection of sausage which, of course, we had to try!
Boucherie on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Sausage from the Boucherie on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Rue Montorgueil had everything we needed…. Fresh flowers filled the apartment thanks to the flower shop on the corner.They weren’t arranged as well as the flowers at the George Cinq Hotel but they made the apartment feel like home!
Flowers on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
The Italian deli was there if we needed a change….pasta, burrata, proscuito…
The italian deli on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
and cafés and restaurants lined the street so we could sit and watch everyone shopping.
Restaurant on Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Most of the shops are open on Sunday till about 3 pm but there is also a Sunday open food market that takes place at the Les Halle end of the street just over Rue Étienne Marcel!
Do you have a favourite food street in Paris?