Paris has many beautiful shops but none quite like the Hermès store on Rue de Sèvres in the heart of St Germain.
Built in 1935, the Lutetia swimming pool closed many years later and was used for quite a few different ventures before being rescued by Hermès. Many of the art deco features have been retained including the original facade.
Hermes in Paris
As you enter the shop, the perfume from the florist shop on the right greets you. A heady mix of peonies, tulips and orchids is beautifully displayed.
Flowers at Hermes in Paris
Hermes in Paris
Descending the stairs, your eyes head straight to three latticed pavillions filling the interior space.  Each nine metre high pavilion is is made of woven ash wood. These house Hermès’ collections including a new interiors line – a first for this company that is better known for its handbags, clothing and jewellery.
Interior of Hermes in Paris
Interior of Hermes in Paris
Another ash wood structure lines the staircase into the pool area which is covered with mosaic tiles.
Staircase at Hermes in Paris
Venture upstairs for a tea and macaron at Le Plongeoir or turn the pages of one of the beautiful coffee table books on architecture, photography, art and interiors that are for sale in the small bookshop area
The view from here takes in the whole shop.
Inside Hermes in Paris
Shopping heaven!