The food market in Ortigia is a small, relaxed market with a sense of humour as vendors compete for customers by calling out their wares.
Via Benedictus comes to life every morning except Sunday.
Different types of fish, all caught that morning, are on display.
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Lemons and tomatoes are arranged amongst the mussels to brighten their day.
Tuna is expertly into steaks using a large hatchet and gamberi of all different sizes abound.
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Sea urchins make a great display before they are cleaned for sale
Fruit and vegetables tempt.  Small charcoal burners roast capsicums to sell.
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Cedro and fennel are ready for making a salad.
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Fabulous cheeses are on display with the corner store, Il Gusto dei Sapori Smarriti, doing a roaring trade in superb meats, cheese, bread and wine.
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The first of the strawberries are in the market.
Time to practise the italian and shop for a picnic lunch!