On a freezing Sunday in Paris we were watching our friends run in the Paris Marathon.
After they had passed us, we dashed to the local cafe for a pastis to warm our bones before heading back to the apartment to add another layer of warm clothes.
It was fortunate that we did as otherwise we would have missed the outdoor market in the Les Halles end of Rue Montorgueil.

Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
The Sunday market

Champagne, bought earlier on our visit to Billecart-Salmon in Rheims was chilled and waiting but there were still a few goodies to be bought for our celebratory dinner that night. As we wandered amongst the stalls, it was great to have this dinner in mind and to be able to buy some of the fabulous produce.
The first stall we came to was offering a choice of warm cooked dishes including this fabulous paella. It looked delicious!
Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
Tempting paella

A stunning display of different breads then caught our attention. The knowledgeable bread merchant helped us decide whether a seeded sourdough or another would be suitable to be paired with the salmon we were having later that evening.
Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
So many bread choices!

Tables overflowing with summer fruits and new seasons vegetables always tempt me.


Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
I could not resist the white asparagus. Beautiful big thick juicy spears straight from the farm soon found their way into my basket.
Sunday market at Rue monrorgueil
French radishes, that we still dream of even after we have returned home, joined them. Served simply with Brittany’s famous sea salt,  Fleur de sel, they are one of my favourites.
French radishes at the Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
French radishes

Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
If seafood had been on the menu for dinner that night, we would have had a hard time choosing which type of fish to buy. There were so many to choose from as well as mussels, scallops, prawns and lobsters.
Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
Sardines, snails and prawns at the market

Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
Different types of fish

Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
Coquilles st Jaques

But it was the lobsters and spider crabs that stole the show for me – complete with seaweed!
Rue Montorgueil Sunday Market
Spider crabs and lobsters

I was definitely looking forward to dinner!!
Do you like to shop at the street markets?
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