There are a few iconic photos that immediately scream Greece to me.
White washed churches with their blue domes…..
Pink or red bougainvillea climbing over the white washed homes with blue painted window frames and doors…….
Octopus hanging to dry in the sun…..
This was a picture I wanted to capture and luckily for me, a visit to the old port of Santorini saw my mission accomplished!
Octopus drying in Santorini
These octopuses were were hanging outside a restaurant. The restaurant owner had obviously realised the value of the publicity they would garner as he had put the name of his restaurant in the centre of the line…smart thinking!
Leaving the octopus to dry for a day in the sun is the best way to tenderise them. They are then ready to be grilled over hot coals.
Simple and oh, so delicious!
Do you like to eat octopus? How do you like them cooked?