Watching the sun set in Santorini is often mentioned on many people’s wish lists. You can picture yourself, glass in hand, sitting back, relaxing as the sun fades for another day.
It was nearly time for the golden hour. We wandered slowly towards the sun, lost in the charm of the streets and the magnificent views over the caldera.
That is until we came to a sudden stop!
We had joined the throng of dozens of people all heading in the same direction.
There was no passing to be done…the narrow street was wall to wall people.
All we could do was shuffle along with the rest of the crowd until we came to a stop.
Sunset in Santorini
Crowds fo Sunset in Santorini
We were in Santorini at the beginning of September. Yes it’s a busy time to go, yes there are often many cruise ships in adding to the already crowded streets, and yes, I knew it would be crowded but just not like this!
If only we had started earlier and not spent the time window shopping! We headed to the Sunset Rooftop Bar only to be told it was well and truly booked out!
Crowds for Sunset in Santorini
Eventually I found a spot in the second row along the wall and waited for the magic moment.
Sunset in Santorini
Sunset in Santorini
Sunset in Santorini
It was worth doing…once!
There are a lot of other view points in Santorini that would be perfect to watch the sunset and if I’m ever there again, I will be exploring these options!
Sunset in Santorini
But after all is definitely not to be missed!
Where you been watched the sun set in Santorini? 
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