“Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida”

These words were uttered by Alfred Hitchcock in 1964.
Does Zadar have the most beautiful sunsets in the world?  I’ll let you decide!
With music in the background from Zadar’s Sea Organ and the uninterrupted views over the Adriatic Sea, it is definitely a sunset that is hard to beat.

Zadar's waterfront promenade
Zadar’s waterfront promenade

The wide promenade on the ocean side of the town, provides a perfect viewing spot to see the sun set. Beneath the steps at the end of the Riva, is the famous art installation by Nikola Bašić called the Sea Organ. You can’t actually see it but underneath the steps are a series of musically tuned pipes and blow holes that create music when air is forced through these by the waves.

The Sea Organ
The Sea Organ: Under the steps are pipes and blow holes

There’s a little bar in the park opposite that is the perfect spot to watch the world go by before the day is finished!

Sunset in Zadar

Slowly the sun sinks…
Sunset in Zadar
Sunset in Zadar
Sunset in Zadar
And on another day…a completely different sunset!
Sunset in Zadar
Sunset in Zadar
As daylight diminishes, the lights from Zadar’s other art installation from Nikola Bašić, the Greeting to the Sun, start to brighten. This installation is like a giant disco floor. The energy stored by the cells in the glass floor during the day now produces a changing wave of colours.
Greeting to the Sun in Zadar
Maybe Alfred Hitchcock was right when he said that “Zadar has the most beautiful sunsets in the world”
Do you agree with him? Where have you seen your best sunset?
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