Trapani was full of surprises.
Not having planned to stay here, the first surprise was that we loved it.
We were also surprised that it was an elegant town with wide streets lined with baroque churches and villas and surprisingly sophisticated shops.


Corso Vittorio Emmanuele is the main street of the old town, starting at the fishing port and ending at Via Torrearsa.

At this intersection is Palazzo Senatorio where the local men gather morning,noon and night.

Via Torrersa is a paved shopping street leading from the port to the beach side.
Here menswear shops outshine the women’s shops
Hidden behind the clock tower of Palazzo Senatorio, is the entrance to another maze of streets with Via della Cuba leading to a group of interesting shops in Piazzetta della Cuba.

In Trapani, you are never far from the water. Water surrounds the old town with the sea walls on the beach side and the port on the other.

Whilst staying here we had an excellent dinner at Osteria La Bettolaccia

Mixed seafood antipasti

Grilled fish

Busiate pasta with seafood. Busiate is traditional pasta of this area

We enjoyed an excellent bottle of Zahir, a Nero d’Avola from Abbazia Santa Anastasia in the Madonie Mountains
Osteria La Bettolaccia
Via General E Fardella, 25
Tel: 0923 21695

Tentazioni di Gusto
Via Badia Nuova 27/29
Tel:+39 0923 548165
A good dinner, but not as good as La Bettolaccia.
It’s not easy choosing where to stay in Trapani. There are many B&B’s but no standout hotels.
All Trapani needs now is a small boutique hotel.

Residence La Gancia
Piazza Mercato del Pesce
Tel:+39 0923 438060
Residence La Gancia

Ai Lumi Bed & Breakfast
Corso Victor Emmanuele, 75
Tel:+39 0923 872418
Ai Lumi Bed & Breakfast

I Colori del Vento
Viale Regina Elina, 62
Tel: 3472504630 or 0923 1890531
I Colori del Vento
Alessandra has access to a simple but adequate apartment in a good position.
Be careful parking your car overnight on the street by the port.
Monday night, the city side of the road is swept and cars will be towed away
Tuesday night, the port’s side of the street is cleaned.
Parking charges start at 8am but you can pre pay this the night before and leave the ticket on the window. Parking in the white lines is free whilst if you park in the blue lines, payment is due. There is free parking in front of the coast guard office.