The sweet treats of Sicily shine in Palermo.
Here, we have been constantly tempted by some of the best cakes, pastries and desserts in Sicily
Pasticceria Cappello, near the Porta Nuova gate, is in the perfect position for a quick stop after visiting the Palazzo dei Normanni or before catching the bus to Monreale.
Inside this unassuming shop are myriads of taste sensations

Pasticceria Cappello, Palermo
Pasticceria Cappello

Cappello are famous for their Torta Setteveli, the cake of seven layers named after Salome’s dance of the seven veils for Herod. A chocolate overload, it is made by alternating different layers of chocolate and hazelnut, mousse and a combination of these. Pistachio and strawberry cakes are also available but the chocolate is the best!
Setteveli at Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo
Strawberry, Pistachio and Chocolate Setteveli

Setteveli at Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo
Torta Setteveli

Cassatinas are smaller versions of cassata. They are perfect for one person to enjoy the taste of this sicilian cake made from sponge filled with ricotta and then covered with pistachio paste.
Cassatina at Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo

I love seeing the colourful marzipan fruits displayed.
Known here as Frutta di Martorana, the name originated from the Church of Martorana in Palermo when nuns from the nearby Benedictine monastery used these fruits of marzipan to decorate the bare trees in the garden of the convent for the visit of an important person.
The fruits are so realistic. It is hard to believe that this is almond mixture shaped and painted with food colouring to resemble the different fruits
Frutta di Martorana at Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo
Frutta di Martorana - Marzipan fruits

Other sweet treats at Cappello include
Crostatine di Fragola-Strawberry tarts at Pasticceria Cappello, Palermo
Crostatine di Fragola - Strawberry Tarts

I was also tempted by one of the tiny fruit jellies. Thank heavens for the smaller tastes that Cappello make. Pure fruit heaven.
Fruit jellies at Pasticceria Cappello in Palermo
Different flavoured fruit jellies

Jam conserves at Pasticceria Cappello, Palermo
Love the packaging on the conserves

Chocolate meringue cake at Pasticceria Capello in Palermo
Chocolate and meringue

Not far from Teatro Massimo is another well known pastry shop, Mazzara
Mazzara is famous for their cannoli, so I had to try one!!
Cannolo is one of the most famous sweet treats in Sicily. I’ve never tasted a bad cannolo but there is something special about Mazzaras’ cannolo
Cannolo at Mazzara in Palermo
Cannolo at Mazzara

Cannoli and Beigne at Mazzara in Palermo
Cannoli and Bigne

Cassata, Cannoli and Bigne at Mazzara in Palermo
Which one would you choose?

Setteveli at Mazzara in Palermo

Crostatine di Fragola at Mazzara in Palermo
Crostatine di Fragola - Strawberry Tarts

Let’s not forget gelato!
Enjoyed at any time of day, Palermo’s best are eaten ‘con brioche’
Mini strawberry gelati cones at Pasticerria Capello in Palermo
Mini strawberry gelati cones at Pasticerria Cappello

Gelato con brioche, Palermo
Gelato con brioche

Pasticceria Cappello
Via Colonna Rotta,68
Pasticceria Cappello
Pasticceria Mazzara
Via Generale Magliocca,15
Pasticceria Alba
Piazza don Bosco,7
Pasticceria Alba
Pasticceria Oscar
Via Mariano Migliacco,39
Pasticceria Oscar