As a child, I remember our family’s Sunday drives. Often we would head to the hills for a picnic, stopping in a national park or another well known picnic spot or to a friend’s farm not far from the city. Even though we would only be an hour’s drive from the city, the trip always felt as though it was taking forever and I’m sure my parents quickly tired of that iconic child’s question “Are we there yet?”
I was remembering these trips last Sunday, when again I decided to head for the hills to see Paul Bangay’s garden in the Macedon Ranges. The drive took me through some beautiful Australian countryside which I thought you may like to see.
As I left Paul Bangay’s property, Stonefields, I passed this typical Aussie open shed sheltering under the trees.
The Aussie Countryside
Further on, at the intersection of the main road, stood a row of letterboxes made out of whatever could be found. This is a sight that is repeated through out the countryside to save the postie visiting every farm.
Postboxes line the road in the Aussie Countryside
A bit further on I drove through a heavily wooded area of bush. Stopping on the side of the road to take these photos, I noticed that the gum trees on one side the road were recovering after a recent bush fire whilst those on the other side were left unscathed. More than likely it was the result of a controlled burn in the area.
Gum trees in the Aussie Countryside
Gum trees in the Aussie Countryside
This road sign says it all – watchout for koalas. Wouldn’t it be great to see one!
The small, one laned Manning Bridge, seemed to be hiding an overgrown creek, so I decided to investigate.
The creek at Manning Bridge
Overgrown bush in the Aussie Countryside
Closer to the city, the view changed and I found myself looking out over gently undulating hills.
In no time, I was back in the city, planning my next escape to the countryside!
Where do you like to go to escape the city?