January 26th is Australia Day
Australia Day is….. the day when the nation celebrates the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the British government proclaimed sovereignty over New Holland, as we were known until our name change in 1824.
Australia Day is…..the day the Australian of the Year is announced. This year’s winner is actor, Geoffrey Rush
Australia Day is…. a national holiday…..a day to celebrate with family and friends at home or at festivals, concerts and fireworks displays
Australia Day is…. the day of the Havaiana Thong Challenge!
At five beaches around Australia, the challenge is on to see if the world record for the longest line of inflatable Havianas joined in the water, can be broken
Cottesloe set the world record in 2010 but last year NSW won the challenge at North Bondi with 2068 people. Perth was able to reclaim the title this year with 2088 people taking to the water. The hot weather was certainly on our side!
When I arrived at Cottesloe Beach, all I could see were yellow and green Havaianas. They were everywhere.

Havaiana Thong Challenge, Cottesloe Beach
Yellow and green Havaianas cover Cottesloe Beach

Yellow Havaianas cover Cottesloe Beach for Australia Day
Havaianas everywhere

Finally it was time for the challenge to commence. Everyone patiently queued in the 39°C heat so they could be counted into the water.
Yellow Havaianas cover Cottesloe Beach
Sea of havaianas

A continuous line of havaianas had to be created so the word was spread to hold on to the person next to you. The countdown was on.
Havaiana Thong Challenge, Cottesloe Beach
Finally into the water

Havaiana Thong Challenge, Cottesloe Beach
Waiting for the record

The end of the national anthem signalled the announcement that the record was broken and a loud cheer was heard over the beach.
Havaiana Thong Challenge, Cottesloe Beach
We've done it!

The Havaiana Challenge was over for another year!
Havaiana Thong Challenge, Cottesloe Beach
Time for home!

Tonight about 400,000 people will watch the city skyline come alive with the Perth Skyworks show.
Happy Australia Day!
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