‘The oldest operating outdoor theatre in the world’ is the proud claim made by Sun Picture Theatre in Broome, Western Australia.
Sitting on prime real estate in the main street of the town, the building was originally an Asian emporium before it changed hands in 1913 and the new owner, Master Pearler Ted Hunter, had plans drawn for an outdoor theatre seating five hundred people.Work started in 1913 but the theatre was not finished until three years later. It was officially opened on Dec 9th, 1916 with a silent movie.
Fast forward to 1933 when the first movie featuring sound was shown…. ‘Monte Carlo’ starring Jeanette MC Donald and Jack Buchanan. It must have been a hit with the locals!
Sun Pictures in Broome
Over the years, the theatre has stood the test of time but it has not been with out a few hiccups. Despite war time bombings, tidal floods, cyclones and even a period of racial segregation, this tin shed still remains and the movies still play.
Outdoor screen at Sun Pictures in Broome
Deck chair seating at Outdoor screen at Sun Pictures in Broome
Deck chairs at Sun Pictures in Broome
During the day, the theatre is open so you can pop in and wander around. A trip down memory lane is provided by the collection of memorabilia on display. Movie posters and old movie reels decorate the walls.
Memorabilia at Sun Pictures in Broome
Memorabilia at Sun Pictures in Broome
By night, it’s movies under the stars……..and sometimes the planes as they pass low overhead.
Do you go to outdoor movie theatres?
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