What is at the southern most tip of Sicily?
Today we thought we would find out!
We head towards the Vendicari Nature Reserve which is about one hour from Modica.
Established in 1984, paths lead you through the swamps, with their mediterranean vegetation and reeds, to bird watching outposts and finally to the sea.
In the past, the swamps were used as saltpans but now they are home to many species of local and migratory birds. You can walk to the long abandonded tuna factory or further on to the beach of Cala delle Moshe.


From here, we drive further down the coast to the village of Marzamemi.
Once a major tuna fishing centre, the harbour is now desolate but life is being bought back to the old tuna cannery.Restaurants, bars and shops create a small village around the 18th century church.





We choose to have lunch at La Conchiglietta, overlooking the sea.
With our Pasta con Vongole, we order a tomato salad. Swimming in an amazing dark green olive oil and capers, it is a taste sensation.

The tomato, called ‘ciliengo’, have come from the nearby town of Pachino.
Pachino tomatoes are famous for their sweetness.

Acres and acres of plastic covered greenhouses surround the town.

The greenhouses protect the tomatoes from the strong winds as well as creating perfect growing conditions.

From here it is a short drive to the southern most point.
A small island, Isola delle Correnti, lies off the point with a lonely lighthouse on it.

Boats lay idle on the shore

Now we know!
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