Trains and planes make be a quick way of travel but for travelling in India, automobiles are best!
A lot of the road trips from city to city in Rajasthan can take approximately six hours but you wouldn’t want to miss the fun of driving amongst the chaos of cars, trucks, scooters, tuk tuks and cows that are all on the road at the same time and in the same lane.
There are rules: honk the horn as you pass a car, honk to let the others know you are there, passing on the inside is allowed and the most important, don’t hit a cow!
Sitting in the front seat is not for everyone! Having said this, in the half a dozen times I have been to India, I have only seen one bad accident but there have been a lot of near misses!
The sights you see from the road, often become the highlights of your trip.
On our last trip to India, the drive from Udaipur to Rohet, a small village about one hour before Jodhpur, provided some great sights.

Sari clad girls carrying hay in Rajasthan
The girls do the work!

Sowing seed in Rajasthan
They still seed the land using oxen

Not long after we had left, we stopped to watch a family getting water from a well. As the oxen walked around turning the wheel, this bought water to the surface via a series of improvised water tins.
Water wheel in Rajasthan
The water wheel can be seen on the left

About an hour from Udaipur, hidden in a beautiful valley, are the famous Jain temples of Ranekpur. The main temple, which was built in the 15th century, covers 3,600 sq metres and has 29 halls with 1,444 intricately carved marble pillars of which no two are alike.
You can also visit Ranekpur as a day trip from Udaipur.
Jain Temple at Ranekpur
The main temple

Carved marble pillars in the Jain Temple at Ranekpur
Beautifully carved marble pillars

Carved marble pillars in the Jain Temple at Ranekpur
Close up of the intricate carving

Jainism is an old religion that has a lot in common with Buddhism and Hinduism. However, they carry the belief of non violence to the extreme. Monks and their followers often wear a mask covering the mouth and nose so that insects are not inhaled.
Jain follower in the temple at Ranekpur
Jain follower in the temple

The valley through this area is incredibly green and fertile. I was happily watching the scenery pass when I saw pink cows!
Stop! This was a photo opporturnity too good to miss. A few rupees later, the owner was happily posing with his cattle.
Cattle on the road in Rajasthan
Cattle are always on the road

Pink Spot cattle in Rajasthan
Smile for the camera!

We continued on our way, passing many over loaded vehicles of one kind or the other.
Trucks in Rajasthan
There is room for more!

Camels in Rajasthan
One use for the camel

Gypseys and their camels are often on the road moving from one camp to the other
Six hours later, The village of Rohet appeared as an oasis in the distance. Rohet Garh, our home for the next few nights, is owned by the Singh family. They pride themselves on the warm welcome they give to guests. The beautiful gardens are perfect for relaxing in between visits to the nearby villages.
Rohet Garh
Rohet Garh

Relaxing in the gardens at Rohet Garh
Relaxing in the gardens at Rohet Garh

Have you been to Rajasthan?
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