Falafel Al Quds was the name on everyone’s lips.You must try the best falafel sandwich in Jordan they all said!
I had heard this from Jordanian friends in Perth, my fellow participants in a Jordanian cooking class and even the concierge mentioned it.
I had to go….The best falafel sandwich in Amman could not be missed!
Rainbow Street was not far from where I was staying so I headed off to this trendy street full of cafes, restaurants and art galleries. It comes alive at night but during the day it is much quieter.
Just past 1st Circle I spotted the little lime green, hole in the wall shop.
Falafel maker-2
I stood at the entrance watching the falafel maker do his job. Small balls of chickpea mixture were quickly rolled and dropped into the boiling oil, only to emerge a few seconds later, cooked and ready to be popped into a delicious sandwich.
falafel 2 Collage
Order your sandwich at the counter…choose the ‘super’ in delicious sesame coated bread….and a few seconds later you will biting into one of the most tasty sandwiches you have ever had!
They’re cheap too and as good as everyone says!!
Falafel Al Quds
Rainbow St (just past 1st Circle)
Jabal Amman
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