Some of the best chocolate in the world is made in Turin and for me, the best of the best is made by Guido Gobino.
Guido Gobino in Turin
In his shop on Via Lagrange, you can choose from a diverse selection that results from Guido’s constant experimentation with new flavours and tastes. Traditional chocolates are not forgotten and are made using the highest quality beans sourced from Central and South America.  You must try his giandujotto chocolates, a mix of chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts that originates from the 1800s when chocolate was in short supply.

Guido Gobino in Turin
Which one will I choose?

Guido Gobino in Turin
Inside the shop…more chocolates to choose from

There’s a cosy sitting room in the back to enjoy his sensational hot chocolate but if the weather is beautiful, the best place to be is outside where you can watch the people wander by.
Because you are in Turin, you have to try a bicerin, the city’s famous drink made with a mixture of coffee, chocolate and cream.
At Guido Gobino it is served with a modern twist.
Bicerin at Guido Gobino in Turin
The summer bicerin won me. It looked stunning served in a test tube glass but, be warned, you may need two.
Summer bicerin at Guido Gobino in Turin
The summer bicerin in a test tube!

Chocolates from Guido Gobino in Turin
Don’t forget to make sure you take some of these home!!
Have you tried Turin’s famous chocolates?
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