Whilst you’re spending a few days in romantic Udaipur, don’t miss a visit to the local markets. In a narrow side street near the New Clock Tower, you will find the colourful Mandi fresh vegetable markets.
The markets give you a wonderful insight into everyday life. Women in colourful saris sit surrounded by their produce, whilst children wander and animals roam freely amongst the stalls. It is not unusual to see the odd cow amble through the market. On either side of the street, shops displaying colourful swathes of cloth providing a perfect background.
The produce is fresh and plentiful. Every vegetable you would want is available. There’s even a few I hadn’t seen before.
Join me as I wander through the market.
Udaipur Markets
Udaipur Markets
Udaipur Markets

Udaipur Markets
I wonder what's under the lid!

Udaipur Markets
Fresh vegetables at Udaipur Markets
Fabulous fresh vegetables at the market

Dried Chillies at the Udaipur Markets
Dried chillies

Vendors with carts attached to their bicycles, sell anything and everything
Now for that curry lunch!
Do you love markets as much as I do!
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