Eataly in Turin is one stop shopping, Italian style.
Opened in 2007, this former vermouth factory was the first its kind showcasing the principles of the slow food movement. There are now branches in New York and Bologna.

Eataly in Turin

Often described as a “megastore with a high end food court and learning centre”, the ground floor is dedicated to separate areas displaying an amazing selection of cheese, meat, fish and fresh vegetables.
Fresh vegetable selection at Eataly, Turin
Fresh vegetables

Meat selection at Eataly, Turin
Buy your meat here!

Fabulous cheese selection at Eataly, Turin
Fabulous cheeses

A large gourmet food section offers many different brands of oil, vinegar, pasta, rice and tomato sauce .
I stopped in front of a wall of extra virgin olive oil . There were hundreds to choose from. It was the same with the pasta.
Extra Virgin Oils at Eataly, Turin
Which one do I choose!

Pasta selection at Eataly in Turin
Pasta selection

There’s even a milk vending machine. Simply bring your empty milk bottles and refill them here.
Milk vending machine at Eataly in Turin
Milk vending machine

Dotted around these fresh food areas are the many food counters offering different meal choices
Choose from La Vedura, for a vegetarian lunch or cheese platter. La Carne grills different cuts of meat whilst over at the La Pizza e La Focaccia, a wood fired oven waits for pizza orders. There were also many pasta dishes to order. Finish with dolci from the great selection of cakes, pastries and gelati.Wander around the stations choosing from all on offer but don’t forget to reserve your table first so you are able to give them the table number when you order your meal.
If you prefer to be waited on, downstairs is the restaurant Guido, from Pollenza.
Vegetarian dishes from Le Vedure at Eataly in Turin
Order vegetarian dishes from Le Vedure

The meat counter at Eataly in Turin
The meat counter

We chose a tasty baked fish and vegetables from the seafood restaurant.
Baked fish and vegetables at Eataly in Turin
Baked fish and vegetables

Don’t forget to visit the cellars. There is an extensive selection of wines from all over Italy. The special bottles are found in the Reserve Room! There’s even a beer bar for hubby to try the latest boutique beer whilst you peruse the cook books or look for that special kitchen gadget you must take home.
Wine cellar at Eataly, Turin
Wine cellar

Wines at Eataly, Turin
Wines for sale

My favourite area was the glass fronted coolrooms which are also downstairs.
Wheels of parmesan sit side by side, whilst next door the prosciutto and salamis are hanging around
Parmesan stored in the cellar at Eataly, Turin
Parmesan stored in the cellar

Prosciutto at Eataly, Turin

Coolroom at Eataly, Turin
Proscuitto and Salami in the coolroom

Via Nizza 203/14
Lingotto, Turin
Take the underground from Porta Nuova to Lingotto and walk back past the Fiat Factory
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