In April last year we started a dream of ours to travel in Europe for eighteen months, only coming home for three months to escape the European cold and enjoy the Australian summer.

Rottnest .jpg
Our summer life on Rottnest

Plans do go awry as we all know so we’re a little late in getting started this year!
Our first stop is London…..we’re dropping off the winter clothes with friends then we’ll head back to Croatia. Last year we spent 7 weeks in this wonderful country but didn’t make it to Istria. With all the beautiful food Istria is renowned for, it was the first place I wanted to go so we’re spending ten days there before we return to our favourite island, Vis to swim in the clearest blue water, eat fresh seafood and generally enjoy island life!
Life on Vis
Scenes from Vis in Croatia

August is never a good time to travel but from here we head to Greece and a month of island hopping which will take us east to our beloved Turkey. We won’t be spending as long in Turkey as we did last time…there’ll be no long road trips but we may manage a small trip along the west coast and back to Istanbul. I wonder how many more things I can add to my list of 36 things to do in Istanbul.
After a few weeks in Italy we’ll head back to Athens for TBEX, a blogging conference. We’re not sure where we’re going after Athens!
We had  planned to go to Israel and Jordan but at the moment Israel is not really the place to be. I received some fabulous suggestions from our facebook readers as to places we could go in November so if you have any more to add, I’d love to hear them!
I can’t wait to go back to Jordan!

Last year I loved spending time in London in December, taking in the wonderful Xmas decorations and experiencing what a winter Xmas would feel like. This year we’ll do the same thing in Paris before we head back to Australia for a completely different Xmas in the sun!
I always have great intentions with blogging whilst I’m away but they never seem to eventuate so if you’d like to see the mischief we are getting up to and where we end up, the best place to follow atasteoftravel is on instagram and facebook.
Come and join us…we’d love to have you along on the trip!
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